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Lucas SOD Installation, Landscaping, Tree Services

Lucas is a small city in south central Collin County, Texas, United States.

ZIP code: 75002, 75098


Even with a population of only around 8,000, The City of Lucas in Collin County is considered among the top places to live in Texas. Living in Lucas remains simple, lean and conservative, and is also home to two public parks, Kenneth R. Lewis Park, and Lucas Community Park. Kenneth R. Lewis Park is equipped with both soccer and softball fields, a walking trail, and a pavilion park map.

The City of Lucas is home to seven different school districts and private schools within its city limits.

As accessible as it is, Plano Landscaping is taking on the city of Lucas among its service areas.

If you live in Lucas, contact Plano Landscaping today and let us handle your landscaping for you!

Why Choose Plano Landscaping?

Choosing Plano Landscaping means entrusting your outdoor space to highly trained specialists who bring a wealth of local knowledge and expertise. We're renowned for our innovative designs, meticulous implementation, and a strong commitment to client satisfaction.

How Do We Transform Your Outdoor Space?

We make your outdoor space flourish through a comprehensive range of services tailored to the local conditions of Lucas, TX. From SOD installation to pruning and trimming and from custom stonework to hardscaping, we cover every aspect needed to create an outstanding, healthy landscape.

What Sets Our Approach Apart?

At Plano Landscaping, we understand that every landscape is unique. Our specialized approach includes extensive local knowledge, personalized designs, and exclusive services such as custom stonework and flowerbed edgings. We ensure all projects align perfectly with the client's vision and the area's natural beauty.

A Focus on Value-added Landscaping Enhancements

Plano Landscaping aims to create landscapes that not only look stunning but also provide functional benefits, adding value to your property. Our services, like efficient irrigation systems, professional deck building, and French drain installation, improve the usability and comfort of your outdoor spaces. We strive to make your landscape an enjoyable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing extension of your home in Lucas, TX.



Complete Landscaping Solutions for Lucas, TX

Our wide array of exceptional services ensures every outdoor space we touch transforms into a beautiful and sustainable haven. From the very beginning stages of planning until the final application, our team of professionals takes care of every detail, big and small.

Remarkable SOD Installation

Get ready for a lush, green lawn with Plano Landscaping's premium SOD Installation service. We use only the highest-quality sod tailored to the Texas climate, ensuring a vibrant and healthy yard. Our professionals not only lay the sod, but they will also prime your soil to help foster the best possible environment for your new grass.

Top-Notch Mulch Installation

Mulch is a vital part of any landscaping project. It enhances soil health, reduces weeds, and improves your plant's growth. Our experts at Plano Landscaping finely perform this detail-oriented task, giving your garden a polished and finished look.

Timely Seasonal Clean-Ups

Take the headache out of seasonal changes with our comprehensive clean-ups. We handle everything – from leaf cleanup in the fall to rejuvenating your garden in spring. You can relax knowing your outdoor space is neatly maintained year-round.

Expert Pruning & Trimming

Keep your trees and shrubs in top shape with regular pruning and trimming. Our experienced crew maintains the health and appearance of your greenery, promoting stronger growth and enhancing your property's curb appeal.

Optimal Tree & Shrub Health

We go beyond trimming; our services ensure the overall health of your trees and shrubs is preserved. Our arborists implement the best practices for maintaining your greenery's condition and longevity.

Efficient French Drains

French drain installations help to keep your landscape dry and healthy. These systems are an essential part of any yard prone to damp conditions or water accumulation, helping to prevent potential damage to your yard.

High-Quality Artificial Turf

Ideal for those seeking low-maintenance solutions or dealing with water restrictions, our artificial turf options are realistic, durable, and beautiful. Save time and water without sacrificing the gorgeous green appearance.

Expert Fence Building

Secure your property and enhance your privacy with a professionally crafted fence. We offer a wide variety of durable materials and designs, providing the perfect balance of aesthetics and security.

Artistic Hardscaping

We transform outdoor spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional living areas. Our hardscaping services extend from paved walkways and patios to intricate stone arrangements and outdoor fireplaces.

Reliable Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Maintain your landscape's splendor with our top-tier sprinkler and irrigation systems. At Plano Landscaping, we design, install, and maintain reliable systems that efficiently water your plants, trees, and lawn.

Custom Stonework & Flowerbed Edgings

Add an extra touch of elegance with custom stonework and flowerbed edgings. Our artisans craft unique designs, lending a distinctive charm to each landscape.

Driveways, Patios, & Walkways

From functional driveways to relaxing patios and inviting walkways, we create the necessary outdoor structures that blend seamlessly with your landscape design.

Professional Deck Building and Pergolas

Expand your living space outdoors with our deck building and pergola services. Enjoy the beauty of your landscape from a custom-made, comfortable outdoor living area.

Retaining Wall Installation

Our expertly crafted retaining walls not only add beauty to your landscape but also provide necessary support, preventing soil erosion and managing water runoff.

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Why Choose Plano Landscaping

  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Own.
  • We Don’t Lock You Into Contracts.
  • Backed By Over 20 Years of Experience.
  • Independently Owned & Operated.
  • We’ll Never Leave Your Gate Open
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Why Choose Plano Landscaping

  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Own.
  • We Don’t Lock You Into Contracts.
  • Backed By Over 20 Years of Experience.
  • Independently Owned & Operated.
  • We’ll Never Leave Your Gate Open
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed