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The City of Melissa is located in north central Collin County, approximately 41 miles northeast of downtown Dallas and 65 miles northeast of downtown Fort Worth, has an estimated population of 10,500, and the third fastest growth rate in DFW over the past three years. Coincidentally it has also had the third lowest crime rate and fifteenth highest percentage of owner-occupied homes out of all DFW suburbs.

Melissa’s connection to the electric railway was the ticket of the city to be included in areas of growth in relation to infrastructure and communications.

Its geographical location also worked wonders for Melissa which was considered a shipping point for a significantly large volume of cotton each year.

Considering the geographical advantages of Melissa, Plano Landscaping is taking the city among its service areas.

If you own a home in Melissa, contact Plano Landscaping today and let us handle your landscaping for you!

Why Choose Plano Landscaping in Melissa, TX?

When it comes to affordability, quality, and outstanding service, Plano Landscaping is second to none. We understand Melissa's climatic conditions and soil diversity, enabling us to deliver optimal, personalized landscaping solutions. Our SOD installation and other services continue to surpass client expectations, setting us apart in Melissa, TX.

What Services Does Plano Landscaping Offer in Melissa, TX?

From SOD installation to overall landscape maintenance, Plano Landscaping offers a comprehensive suite of services in Melissa, TX. Our trained landscaping experts ensure that your yard is not just aesthetically pleasing but also healthy and thriving. At Plano Landscaping, we cater to a wide array of landscaping needs tailor-made to match your preferences.

How Does Plano Landscaping Enhance Your Home's Value?

At Plano Landscaping, a beautifully landscaped property significantly adds to its value. A well-maintained stylish lawn courtesy of our Premiere SOD installation and other services can make your home the highlight of Melissa, TX. We are passionate about contributing to the city's appeal through our advanced and superior landscaping solutions.


Comprehensive Landscaping Solutions

Discover our wide range of comprehensive landscaping solutions that enhance, maintain, and elevate your property's outdoor aesthetics, creating your dream landscape.

SOD Installation

Achieve a beautiful, green lawn in no time with our professional sod installation services. Plano Landscaping ensures a seamless and efficient installation tailored to your landscape's specific requirements.

Mulch Installation

Keep your landscape vibrant and healthy with our mulch installation services. Not only does it enhance the look of your property, but it also helps retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and suppress weed growth.

Seasonal Clean-Ups

Maintain the beauty of your landscape throughout the year with our seasonal clean-up services. We take care of leaves, debris, and any necessary pruning to keep your yard looking its best, no matter the season.

Pruning & Trimming

Our pruning and trimming services keep your trees, shrubs, and hedges in immaculate shape. We ensure plants grow healthy and look stunning, contributing to your property's overall aesthetic.

Tree & Shrub Health

At Plano Landscaping, we prioritize the health of your trees and shrubs. Our experts identify any issues and provide the appropriate treatment, ensuring your plants continue to thrive in the long run.

French Drains

Eliminate standing water and protect your landscape with our French drain installation services. Our team offers efficient drainage solutions that protect your property from water damage and enhance its overall functionality.

Artificial Turf

Upgrade your yard with low-maintenance and visually striking artificial turf. Our professional installation enhances your landscape's appearance while reducing the time and resources needed for Landscaping.

Fence Building

Boost the security and privacy of your property with our custom fence-building services. We create fences that provide practical value and seamlessly blend with your landscape design.


Our team crafts stunning hardscape elements that elevate the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. From patios and pathways to retaining walls and water features, our hardscaping services help you create the perfect outdoor oasis.

Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Ensure your plants receive the right amount of water with our efficient sprinkler and irrigation systems. Our custom installations cater to the unique needs of your landscape, saving you water and time.

Custom Stonework & Flowerbed Edgings

Elevate your landscape's appearance with our custom stonework and flowerbed edgings. Our artistic designs add visual interest and charm, setting your property apart from the rest.

Driveways, Patios, & Walkways

Transform your outdoor space with our professionally installed driveways, patios, and walkways. Our functional and beautiful designs enhance your property's overall appeal and usability.

Deck Building and Pergolas

Expand your living space outdoors with our custom deck building and pergola services. These structures create an inviting environment for relaxation, entertaining, and enjoying the beauty of your Melissa, TX, landscape.

Retaining Wall Installation

Preserve the integrity and beauty of your landscape with our expert retaining wall installation. Our durable and attractive solutions prevent soil erosion and provide additional usable space on your property.

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Are you a Melissa, TX, homeowner looking to bring your dream lawn to life? Plano Landscaping is here to make that a reality. Our team of local experts is ready to make a transformative change to your outdoor space. Begin your journey towards a captivating landscape by reaching out to us today. Experience a new level of landscaping service with Plano Landscaping.

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  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Own.
  • We Don’t Lock You Into Contracts.
  • Backed By Over 20 Years of Experience.
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Why Choose Plano Landscaping

  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Own.
  • We Don’t Lock You Into Contracts.
  • Backed By Over 20 Years of Experience.
  • Independently Owned & Operated.
  • We’ll Never Leave Your Gate Open
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed