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Murphy is a city in suburban Collin County, Texas, United States.

ZIP codes: 75074, 75094


The City of Murphy, a suburb of Dallas with an approximate population of 20,528, is distinctively notable for its high literacy rate. In fact, the city dons on data that sees 80 percent of its residents getting a taste of college education. 18 percent of its population have Master’s Degree, 38 percent are college graduates, and 24 percent are college undergrads.

With that high value for education, the influx of supply for professionals among their residents, is not surprising at all — so as flourishing businesses. Murphy, also one of the best places to live in Texas, offers a touch of rural lifestyle. Murphy has lots of coffee shops and several parks too. This is where many locals do business meetings and get togethers.

The flourishing city with a distinctively rural ambience prompted Plano Landscaping to venture into Murphy, TX among its service areas.

If you live in Murphy, contact Plano Landscaping today and let us handle your landscaping for you!

Elevate Your Outdoor Appeal with Our Professional SOD Installation

Experience instant lawn transformation with Plano Landscaping's professional SOD installation service. Our expert team carefully selects and installs the perfect SOD to suit your landscape's specific needs, ensuring sturdy growth and a vibrant look. Trust us to deliver a lush, green lawn that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.

Customized Design and Impeccable Execution

At Plano Landscaping, we believe in the power of personalized, functional, and visually appealing outdoor spaces. Serving residents of Murphy, TX, our team of experts carefully crafts each landscape based on your desires and requirements, turning your outdoor area into a stunning extension of your home. Experience remarkable design and flawless execution with our tailored landscaping services.

Unrivaled Commitment to Quality and Durability

We understand the importance of long-lasting and sustainable landscaping solutions for Murphy, TX homeowners. Our team combines the use of premium materials and industry-leading techniques to deliver high-quality and durable landscapes—Trust Plano Landscaping to create a robust and beautiful outdoor space that stands the test of time.

Consistent Communication for a Smooth Landscaping Experience

We pride ourselves on maintaining open communication with our clients throughout the entire landscaping process. From design consultations to project updates, our dedicated team ensures you stay informed and involved in every step, resulting in a final product that meets and exceeds your expectations. Experience the ease and satisfaction of working with a landscaping company that truly listens and delivers


Services We Offer

SOD Installation

Our SOD installation services ensure that your lawn looks lush and beautiful all year round. We help you choose the perfect type of SOD for your property and provide professional installation services to guarantee a flawless finish.

Mulch Installation

With our high-quality mulch installation, you can improve your garden's soil structure, control weeds, and protect your plants. We offer various types of mulch and expert installation, ensuring your landscape thrives.

Seasonal Clean-Ups

Our seasonal clean-up services ensure your outdoor space looks great throughout the year. We help to remove debris, dead plants, and leaves during those key seasonal transitions, guaranteeing a tidy and healthy yard.

Pruning & Trimming

Your plants, hedges, and shrubs will look their best with our pruning and trimming services. Our experienced team will carefully shape and maintain your greenery, promoting healthy growth and improving your landscape's overall appearance.

Tree & Shrub Health

We ensure your trees' and shrubs' longevity and health with regular maintenance and expert care. Our services include fertilization, pest control, and disease management to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

French Drains

Our French drain solutions prevent water accumulation and protect your property's foundation from damage. By helping to direct excess water away from your home or landscape, we can avoid potential headaches and unnecessary repairs.

Artificial Turf

Say goodbye to lawn maintenance with our premium artificial turf installation services. Ideal for properties with high foot traffic or shading, synthetic turf offers a durable, low-maintenance, and visually appealing option for your landscape.

Fence Building

Our fence-building services enhance your landscape's privacy and security. Choose from various styles and materials for a custom solution that matches your property's aesthetics.


Transform your outdoor space with our hardscaping services. From walkways and retaining walls to fire pits and water features, we help you create a practical yet stunning outdoor environment.

Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Our sprinkler and irrigation system installations ensure your plants and lawn receive the optimal amount of water. Our custom systems provide efficient water management and automation for hassle-free maintenance.

Custom Stonework & Flowerbed Edgings

Elevate your flowerbeds with custom stonework and edgings that define and protect your garden space. Our skilled team will create stunning borders that enhance the visual appeal of your landscape.

Driveways, Patios, & Walkways

Upgrade your property with our custom-designed driveways, patios, and walkways. We offer various materials and styles to create beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces that complement your landscape.

Deck Building and Pergolas

Expand your outdoor entertainment options with custom-built decks and pergolas. Our expertly crafted structures provide the perfect space for relaxation, dining, and enjoyment of your beautiful landscape.

Retaining Wall Installation

Secure and enhance your landscape with our retaining wall installation services. We offer a variety of materials and designs to match your property's style and requirements while also providing essential erosion prevention and structural support.

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Why Choose Plano Landscaping

  • We Treat Your Home Like Our Own.
  • We Don’t Lock You Into Contracts.
  • Backed By Over 20 Years of Experience.
  • Independently Owned & Operated.
  • We’ll Never Leave Your Gate Open
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed